Burnaby is on the silver screen this month at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

A short film featuring our very own city is onscreen as part of an evening of shorts called Close Quarters, featuring a selection of Canadian short films.

La Cartographe Announcement

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We are thrilled to announce that La Cartographe will be playing at Festival du nouveau cinéma - FNC this year! Oct. 4 and 12 in Montreal.

La Cartographe Canada Premiere Announcement

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We are VERY excited to finally announce our Canadian debut will be this fall at the Vancouver International Film Festival! A tremendous thank you again to our cast, crew, supporters, and fellow travelers - we can't wait to gather with all of you for a cozy hometown celebration. See you in October!


Last but not least, Nathan Douglas’ La Cartographe begins with a series of long shots of a man jogging around the cityscape. A young woman observes him from her building’s balcony. What at first glance appears to be a voyeuristic film about a girl’s obsession with her neighbour’s life eventually turns into one of the most delicate and beautiful stories we have witnessed in a long time. A story on how people can become attached to each other without ever meeting. Douglas’ cinema is that of devotion, and his approach to humanity is an optimistic one, almost religious. We should dream more while waiting for 2019’s Pardi di domani.


The role was 100% written for Bonikowsky Douglas (Nathan Douglas - writer / director) wrote, and based so closely on what he knew of her temperament he didn't see a point in giving the character a fictional name.

She is present in nearly all scenes and even the film's premise was written to give her an opportunity to show her contemplative acting style, Douglas added.

"When I saw what she was bringing to her audition I felt like she accessing a very deep inner well of feeling.  But it also felt raw and unpredictable and, when I began writing, the question became 'OK, how do we draw on that ability?'" he wrote.


The film, which clocks in just under 34 minutes, is a moody, atmospheric tale of a young woman (sublimely played by up and coming actress Emma Bonikowsky) who mysteriously investigates her neighbour by mapping out his running route which leads into a Malick-esque series of visionary set pieces while poetically contemplating the surrounding urban environment in all it’s beauty and history.

Wholly Cinema: How did you end up hiring your main actress, Emma Bonikowsky, for the film?

Nathan Douglas (Writer / Director): When we first auditioned Emma for a previous film, she just walked in the room and we knew immediately that she was different from everyone else. She just has that presence that I’m looking for where I can read so many possibilities from just one of her expressions which is want you love to see in an actor. I don’t think it’s that common to find so when it happens you just sit upright and notice. She wasn’t right for that particular film but I couldn’t stop thinking of that audition so I wrote “La Cartographe” for her. I’m so excited for her that she’ll be coming to Locarno as well to represent the film especially since it’s her first film role.


We are extremely excited to announce that LA CARTOGRAPHE (34') will have its world premiere at the 71st Locarno Festival, in the Pardi di Domani competition. Huge congratulations and thanks to our amazing cast and crew!

Featuring the acting talents of Emma BonikowskyDonat KazanokSimon GarezBronwyn HendersonDayleigh NelsonJennifer Tong, and Robyn Bradley.

Cinematography by Devan Scott, sound design by Will Ross, additional cinematography by Paige Smith, production design by Nataliya Fedulova, location sound by Vladimir Fedulov, makeup by Angelica Nakamura (with assistance from Saneeta Atwal), and music by Richard Galbraith. ADing by James Sprott and script supervising by James Penco. With /grip/electric/AC/photo assistance from Inanna Cusi Luigi Bros Laurel K Brown Martin Chan Olivier Coutant and some very special vocal work by Alessandro Marinelli. A huge thank you as well to Karyn Bonikowsky and many others!

We are incredibly thrilled to begin our journey at Locarno. Check out the trailer below and keep an eye on this page for further updates!