“La Cartographe” Filmmaker Maps Out Film Fest Success

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Blog post for Wholly Cinema (Ross Munro) - The film, which clocks in just under 34 minutes, is a moody, atmospheric tale of a young woman (sublimely played by up and coming actress Emma Bonikowsky) who mysteriously investigates her neighbour by mapping out his running route which leads into a Malick-esque series of visionary set pieces while poetically contemplating the surrounding urban environment in all it’s beauty and history.

Wholly Cinema: How did you end up hiring your main actress, Emma Bonikowsky, for the film?

Nathan Douglas (Writer / Director): When we first auditioned Emma for a previous film, she just walked in the room and we knew immediately that she was different from everyone else. She just has that presence that I’m looking for where I can read so many possibilities from just one of her expressions which is want you love to see in an actor. I don’t think it’s that common to find so when it happens you just sit upright and notice. She wasn’t right for that particular film but I couldn’t stop thinking of that audition so I wrote “La Cartographe” for her. I’m so excited for her that she’ll be coming to Locarno as well to represent the film especially since it’s her first film role.